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LOSERSSS [entries|friends|calendar]
YOur my magical friend and I love you

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[23 Nov 2005|11:27am]

No one comes on this thing
oh well now I cacn wirte my story

;a;a;a;lakd;alkd;alkd;slakd kdapokfopsadkooeodoododdoodlalkajljlkjlkjfjaosij oabvjflflljjaobvdlakjfobvwwbovobwvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvjffffffffffffffffjjffjfjfjfjjffjjfncncncnnm

there once was this gurl who had a truck and then she crashed it into a wall becauses she thought that she was a ghost but rell y she wasen't on eso it was pointless and then she had a wand and turned a duck into a dog adn laughed for hours and hours and hours nad hours adn then she got bored then she met a boy namded thing who roe liklanana anana nana and he said the gurl was a fart face adn threw her in the fire than the gurl cried adn beat up her foot cause it was lazy
the end
good job Katie
Why thatnk you umbagodddaaaaaface
don't mention it //............no I meant it don't mention it ever ever ever ever ever ever ag=ian

bye umagoddaaaaaface
bye Butt hat
lama lama ... duck

[20 Aug 2005|06:44pm]

Sup homies.
I think we should ummm go see a movie or sumthin.
That would be fun.
But I doubt we could really do it..sonce were always overloaded with homework and whatnot.

OMG! lets go to subway again. that would rock. yes? yes.

lets do sumthin after our first game..i dunno.
im just thinkin out loud.
except it isnt really out loud cuz im typin it..o_O

that stupid english study guide was harder than the test!
who agrees with me?!
and like there were tons of the questions that were on the study guide that wernt even on the test!
that made me mad.


p.s. me+the spice girls=PAR-TAY ((by myself))
7 | lama lama ... duck

[18 Aug 2005|06:02pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey you guy's I figured since we are all hard to reach on the phone for like help with Homewrok that I start a community where we can just ask for hhelp or jusut talk and catch up on whut is going on. I know we do this on our own personally live Journals but Hey I am bored adn I figured it would be sumthin cool. to do . See yall around weenies!!!!!

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